It is really worth something to learn feeling good and practicing this with real determination for no other reason than to feel happy and balanced.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Learning to feel and deal with emotions by transforming negative emotions into positive emotions is an active approach.

To be able to create a connection to our emotions, to “feel” emotions we put our emotions into different folders, which are our major organs.  We have positive and negative emotions in our organs. If we don’t place emotions into our organs we don’t know where we can transform our negative emotions.

This is like to have all papers scattered all over the office. We are aware that we have the papers but cannot find it unless we put them in folders.

Placing emotions into our organs creates a connection to feeling our emotions and to transforming negative emotions into positive emotions. You, me, and everybody is able to become aware of our emotions and transform emotions.

We learn to master of our emotions and to calm the mind. Most people are slaves of their emotions. They finally get sick because of their negative emotions towards others.

If you keep on feeling negative emotions like stress and fear you are weakening your defense and immune system more and more.

The Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds makes us love ourselves and this is strengthening our immune and defense system.

When kidney energy is weak you are more into fear and your willpower is weak.

Tuning into gentleness, stillness and peace and breathing these positive feelings into the kidneys you increase your willpower and this has a very positive impact on your heart too.

Then you can expand and see how you are capable of changing the world by finding love, joy and happiness within yourself and giving that love away to those you care for.

You empower yourself when you learn to transform and let go of your negative emotions and you develop positive stress.

Positive stress is when we get up in the morning and look forward to the day and to what we want to accomplish. On this journey of becoming more conscious, we might also feel more tensions and pain in our physical body.

In the Universal healing Tao system we offer different levels of relieve with Chi Nei Tsang. CNT is not only a massage of the abdomen. In CNT III (Toksen) we address muscles, tendons and meridian lines of the body.

It is a very effective massage technique. It is applied with a hammer and different tools. Pain or tension is released through vibration.

Any course or retreat you join in the Universal Healing Tao system you learn to practice the Six Healing Sounds and the Inner Smile. These practices are the corner stones of the entire system.

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