How to transform negative emotions and sick desires

In the Tao it is important to learn to transform and balance negative emotional energy. Without becoming aware and transform our emotions we cannot go into a spiritual practice.

The Six Healing Sounds is a very direct approach to connect to our emotions. Another way of detox by releasing emotions is Chi Nei Tsang. There are 5 levels of Chi Nei Tsang. It begins with Chi Nei Tsang I, the detox of the small and large intestine and extends to the five major organs.

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Transforming Stress into Vitality

It is really worth something to learn feeling good and practicing this with real determination for no other reason than to feel happy and balanced. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. Learning to feel and deal with emotions by transforming negative emotions into positive emotions is an active approach.

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Back to your Body Wisdom

Spring is often associated with taking care of the body. After a long and cold winter season where many didn’t have enough exercise and simply ate too much now is the time to detox. It is also a time to connect with us and feel inside. Spring is the time of the liver and it can happen that we feel more liverish, like more anger, frustration, envy or jealous.

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How to truly reflect on 2017

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how we really want to change in a new year. It is so much easier to just keep your dreams on the surface, but deep, transformational changes are much harder to realize. We are people of habit, once we have established a bad habit, a life threatening life style, it seems difficult to step out of it.

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The Jade Egg: Questions and Answered

In the Tao, we believe our spirituality and sexuality are deeply interconnected. Afterall, it is the energy we are created from. The jade egg exercise involves inner energy work a bit similar to the Kegel-like physical practice. Regular use can have many wellness benefits including balancing hormones, regulating cycles, lessening menopausal symptoms, increasing energy, strengthening sexuality and it is actually necessary for a woman’s spiritual development.

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Fusion of the Five Elements & Tao Yin practice

“The Fusion of the 5 Elements includes different levels and these are advanced practices of Internal Alchemy, often called” the cream “of meditations; In the Supreme Internal Alchemy, we call it “Advanced Fusion of Energy”. We seize all of the negative emotions to merge them together. Then we bring in all the positive emotions, then we merge everything to create a better energy balance.

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How To Start A Self-Healing Spiritual Journey To Connect With Your Soul’s True Purpose

Fusion of the Five Elements is a supreme inner alchemy energy meditation. It is the practice of going deeper into our own universe, transforming and releasing what no longer serves us and redeeming our higher nature. In the Tao it is said that our soul comes into our…

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