Cosmic Healing is a practice of channeling pure Cosmic Chi for healing. The Universe is filled with violet light and violet light contains all colors. It is the most healing energy as it is the only color we can program. You learn to use the universal light for healing oneself and others by guiding different colors through the body. Each color has a different effect on the body like loosening up toxins, flushing out, cleaning, enhancing and energizing.

As you learn to see light in the universe with your mideyebrow point and your heavenly eye (third eye), you guide this light into your body, or guide it to your student with your mind/eye/ heart power and your palm and fingers. You use the space, which contains the universal light, between your hands and the person for healing. This healing energy experience gives students a feeling of being recharged with pure Cosmic Chi.

The Cosmic Chi Kung Palm and Finger training (Buddha palm) is a Qigong practice that the Cosmic Healing Trainee practices to enhance his/her energy channels, to be more connected to the universal force.
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