In Cosmic Healing I the practitioner learns to connect to the different colors of the universal energy and draws the energy down for self healing or healing others.

The first stage is refining our emotional energy through practices of the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds and the opening of the Microcosmic Orbit.

The Activation of the Six Directions and Three Fires Chi Kung is the second stage of a powerful energetic technique that allows us to extend the mind to touch the force, and to draw that energy back into the body.

The third stage of mastering the Cosmic Healing is the practice of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung. This can be practiced either in a sitting or a standing position. The practitioner learns to absorb the Heavenly and Earth forces in his hands. With the Laogong point the practitioner energizes and balances the Governor and Functional Channel as well as the Bridge and Regulator Channel.

The fourth stage is the mastering of the healing modality in Cosmic Healing. For this we build a chi field to connect to the energy in the universe. The practitioner learns to draw the universal energy in form of colors down for healing or energizing different parts of the body. With the Chi knife we learn to carry out energetic surgery by charging the knife with cosmic chi. The Chi knife is used for cutting and slicing an affected area with cool yin energy.

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