“The Tao energy practices for women made me realize a lot of things I knew by instinct, but I did not let come openly. I find just a shame not to have realized all this before in my life, but I am glad however to have learned by now with you.”

“Thank you very much for the very important knowledge about women’s health and sexuality! I feel something new and very good in myself. “
Yika, Ukraine

I went to the workshop of Healng Love and Fusion I hoping to find ways to improve on some physical health issues and during the workshop, I have learnt techniques not only beneficial to my physical health but also to my emotional well-being
David, Paris

Hi Jutta!
Thank you so much for your e-mail! And thank you for your wonderful teachings! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience with you and everyone at Tao Garden! It was, in fact, truly a life-altering experience on all levels!

Nov. 2018

(German) “Die zwei Intensivtage klingen noch so stark in mir nach, dass mir das Üben ganz leicht fällt. Ich danke dir nochmals für deine liebevolle Anleitung und Hinführung zum tieferen Verständnis der inneren Alchemie. Du hast mich sehr die Tugenden des Herzens, Freude, Liebe, Glück und Dankbarkeit erleben und spüren lassen. Es fühlt sich so, so, so gut an. Danke!!”
Monika, Austria

Thank you so much for travelling to Dublin to share your deep knowledge and wisdom of the Tao. I’m so grateful for this and I know that everyone who did the course really loved it so much. You are a gift to the world
A bright light.
Here’s to more teaching adventures in Ireland!

Hi Jutta

thank you so much for this wonderful training and all the feminine wisdom you shared!
Would love to see you in the Netherlands next may, we will keep in touch..

with love
Nov. 2018

“Hello Jutta, hello friends of the Chi Nei Tsang,

Thanks again for this fabulous traineeship of Chi Nei Tsang.
It was very interesting for my part, i learned a lot, let’s practice now !
Kisses to all, looking to seeing you again.

Bisous with love.”


“After these four days of training in Toulouse, I feel more quiet, more happy, less nervous. In one word I am feeling to be at the right place, as if I found what I was looking for.”
Virginie, France

Dear Jutta

Thank you so much for this workshop. Xavier and I really enjoyed it. It was very good for us ! We feel much better! And I understood a lot about me. And what happened yesterday was a good expérience. At first, I was a little ashamed. But I realise how to learn about it. I thank you for your treatment and your time. It helped me to get better.

It was also great to work with Xavier and to feel so much love between us.
I’ve already created a group to practice in Brussel. We are 8 at least. And I’m sure that our friends from shiatsu would like to try CNT
I wish you good luck for Paris

Annemarie – October 13th 2017

“I came back home full of your teaching and I am very happy to have met you. It was very nice and “nourishing” for me to receive your teaching, your energy and your love.
I practice almost every morning the female healing and morning exercises for energy, and I practice CNT on my husband for the moment. He’s my first case he enjoys it!
I really feel the benefits of the exercises and when I don’t practice, I feel it!”
Leila, Romania

“Un grand merci à toutes et tous pour ces moments de partage et d’échange! Cela a fait chaud au cœur de sentir l’énergie et la bienveillance du groupe pendant toute cette semaine et au moment du passage des épreuves.

Et merci aussi aux “apprentis ” Chi Nei Tsang pour leurs adorables marques de soutien!!
J’aurai plaisir à vous recroiser!
gros bisous !”

Nathalie – May 6th 2017

Dear Jutta,
thank you for the photo.
thank you for your wonderful teaching, we have learned a lot and you have given very important keys for the practice and for our spiritual development.
I have read your book and found all I needed to keep on practicing.
I wish you a happy end of year
May the chi be with you

(German) “Die zwei Intensivtage klingen noch so stark in mir nach, dass mir das Üben ganz leicht fällt. Ich danke dir nochmals für deine liebevolle Anleitung und Hinführung zum tieferen Verständnis der inneren Alchemie. Du hast mich sehr die Tugenden des Herzens, Freude, Liebe, Glück und Dankbarkeit erleben und spüren lassen. Es fühlt sich so, so, so gut an. Danke!!”
Monika, Austria

Dearest Jutta
Thank you so much for your email

Simone & I loved the classes , your wisdom and knowledge and feel we both got lots from interesting with you. We will defenitely will come back to receive more teachings from you and I will definitely will start working on creating a nice group for November 2019

Again thank you so much for being who you are and sharing your wisdom and love with many on this world

Much love and blessings

Sabina, November 2018

Hello Jutta,
I am the person who also was at the workshop in the Catskills in 1991, already practicing CNT. I was so happy to attend this CNT workshop with you, it is nourishing my practice quite a bit! I was trained so long ago, that is was a real pleasure to follow your instruction all these years later, which I found clear and effective, and really appreciated.
The review of techniques and learning of techniques I had never learned (like the sciatica tehnique), were all wonderful to me. Talking about sciatica, as an acupuncturist I see this problem in a recurring manner, but not all the time; in the 2 weeks that followed the workshop, I saw 5 people in a lot of pain from it, some for months (including a home visit, which I rarely do, to a patient who had called emergency, because she was so stuck and in pain), and just did the CNT technique on them, not even acupuncture. They all felt much better (and happier).
I am also thrilled about a new emphasis on thoracic/ribcage area, which I have tended to let aside, mainly working on the belly; I have also used it on several patients/students since, it is so relaxing, even just a few minutes, but doing a whole session just on that leaves people changed! different facial expression/posture/breathing…like we all were when we did it in class, a lot of people where smiling or laughing after we did that tecnhique, it really opens up circulation in the heart! and else…
So, I want to really thank you for spreading this so precious work (I always tell my patients everyone should get CNT!), and I am planning on attending level 2 next year!
Best to you,
Toulouse, May 2017

Hi Jutta,
I’m so sorry we didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. Somehow it didn’t register on that last class that that would be the last time we would see you! I wanted to thank you SO much for an incredible life-changing course. You were a wonderful teacher – so clear and with such a depth of experience and wisdom. I am looking forward all of the amazing healing benefits of Chi Nei Tsang that Henry and I get to experience in working on each other — and very much looking forward to sharing the work with others. We hope we can come back next year to take the course again and become certified.
The morning Qi Gong and Six Healing Sounds are practices I am really motivated to continue. Already I feel the subtle energy shifts uplifting and bringing positive energy into our lives.
Thank you again for Everything. This has truly been such a blessing.


Dear Jutta,
I was really happy to listen to you in the online teaching . You have a wonderful ability to analyze and present information. And besides, to me you are a real Tao-Lady. I like your calmness, wisdom and the inner strength you radiate. Everything that you and the whole UHT teach us is the real way to live healthy and happy. I understood it from my own experience and I want to pass it on to the people around me. Thanks for the opportunity to be your student. I will look forward to each of our meetings. I wish you love and prosperity from all of my heart.

June 2020

Dear Jutta! Your online training course is very good. I like the way you are teaching and everything is good explained and I like your beautiful voice. See you tomorrow and thank you very much.

Ruth, 04/11/2022

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