Cosmic Healing I Workshop – July 9 – 12 [France/Toulouse]

Cosmic Healing I Online Workshop – April 29 to May 2

Event Overview April 29 to May 2      Cosmic Healing I . This is a power healing technique for self healing and helping others using the Chi from earth, nature and the universe. The foundation of the Universal Healing Tao system is the Microcosmic Orbit. Through this...
Cosmic Healing I & Buddha Palm – Tao Garden, Thailand

Cosmic Healing I & Buddha Palm – Brussels, Belgium

Event Overview Dates: August 22 – 23, 2020 Location: Brussels, Belgium Languages Spoken: English with Translation to French Tuition Fee: Please contact Nataša Kovać the event organizer, Tel. +32 497 53 37 04 Website please click here Registration: Please contact...
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