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Cosmic Healing I Workshop – July 9 – 12 [France/Toulouse]

July 9 - July 12

  • Dates: July 9-12, 2024
  • Location: France/Toulouse
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Registration: For registration and more details please contact the organiser Olivier Barré by email uhtaofrance@gmail.com or mobile phone +33 6 99 04 49 38

Event Overview

The foundation of the Universal Healing Tao system is the Microcosmic Orbit. Through this practice you learn to feel Chi and to use your mind/eye/heart power to guide the Chi flow through the primary energy routes in your body.

 Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Bone Breathing are a system of standing meditations that are very beneficial for grounding and to build a good structure in order to draw in heavenly force. The heavenly force will combine with the very potent healing power of the Earth. This practice strengthens the body so you can hold a higher energy charge. To attain skill in Cosmic Healing regular meditation like Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds is  also part of the requirement.

What You Will Learn

In Cosmic Healing we learn the art of channeling pure Cosmic Chi for healing oneself or others. The Universe is filled with violet light and all colors are present in the violet light. In this intensive training we learn to refine our emotional energy through practicing the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds and practice Primordial Qigong by activating the 3 fires to the 6 directions. This Qigong form is very beneficial as it connects you to the energy of mother Earth, to Nature and to the Universe. For the Cosmic Healing Trainee it is also beneficial to practice Cosmic Chi Kung, which is a Palm and Finger training. This gives you the sensitivity to feel with your fingers or palms and you learn to open energy channels that help you to be better connected to the universal energy.

Prepared like this and well grounded you can draw universal energy in form of colors down for self healing or for helping another. Each color has a specific property like detoxing, energizing, balancing, flushing or stimulating. You then learn to direct this energy to pinpoint locations on the body through different techniques.

Cosmic Healing is truly a profound practice that can be incorporated into your own self-healing journey. It can also be used as a practice for healing others or used in combination with other healing modalities, like Chi Nei Tsang massage, to enhance the therapeutic effects. It’s important to note then when treating others with Cosmic Healing, because you are channeling energy, this is a practice that leaves both the practitioner and the one receiving the treatment more energized than before.

Benefits students often experience during the retreat:

  • Improved energy
  • Enhanced sense of balance and feeling grounded
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Increased positivity, clarity and balance
  • If you have any injury, pain or illness, you may experience some relief

Over time, the benefits of these practices are enhanced.

Learning Resources

It is not required that you have any previous knowledge of the Universal Healing Tao, meditation or Qi Gong before attending the Cosmic Healing workshop. Here are some additional resources you may be interested in but are not required to review before the workshop:

Blog posts you may be interested in:

More information on Cosmic Healing and practices taught at this workshop:


Related YouTube videos: 


Questions? If you have questions about how this workshop is organised or about what I teach, I’d be happy to hear from you. Please email me at juttauht@gmail.com .

Interested in Private Teaching?

Private Teaching or Treatments – If you would like private teaching outside of this workshop or a Chi Nei Tsang Massage treatment from me, please connect with me in advance. I will do my best to meet with you. You can email me at juttauht@gmail.com.


July 9
July 12
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