Last month I shared in my blog post how to become more aware of yourself and the energies of those around you by simply smiling into your belly, feeling and listening into it. Inside of us we “know” very well what experiences are good for us and what is harmful. Looking back into the past year can only be meant for improving the now, and with it, the future.

How are you doing so far in 2017 with cultivating more of the positive experiences in your life and letting go of the traumas from 2016 or before? It is a training and a practice – and of course it is not easy – so, right now, for any progress you have made no matter how small, smile into your heart and appreciate yourself.

Today, I will share more on astrology and how knowing more about our supreme inner alchemy can help guide us on our spiritual path and help us to have a deeper understanding of why we have these experiences in this life. Now that we’ve celebrated the solar calendar new year, soon we also celebrate the Chinese New Year and we move into a year of the Fire Rooster. Overall, according to Chinese astrology, 2017 is predicted to be a year dominated by progress, honor and integrity with people tending to learn to temper their ardor. Maybe more unity, empathy, understanding and connectivity lay ahead for our world in this year.

But, of course, this is a prediction for the world as a whole, and the actual events that happen for each person in this year can be very much differing based on your own astrology.

What is BaZi?

The Chinese BaZi astrology is a very ancient and accurate system that uses your birth date, including the year, month, day and hour, to determine your personality, strengths, weaknesses, health, wealth, relationships, and to ultimately translate possibilities of your destiny in this life.

This astrology is very linked to the human body, nature and the universe. These calculations came from observations that early Taoist masters made by connecting to the stars and constellations in the universe and sensing how their positions correlated to peoples’ feelings and their fates.

The BaZi system is based on four pillars (year, month, date and hour) and on five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal, which are represented in our body as kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and lungs.

How To Read Your BaZi Chart

Click on this link to complete the form and see your own BaZi birth chart. Once you enter your information, you see your astrological birth chart expressed in the Yin and Yang of the five elements in connection with your organs, and you see the chart with each major organ represented in a color and a percentage.

BaZi Chart

The day pillar shows your “Day Master” in the form of Yin or Yang Water, Fire, Wood, Earth or Metal, and in your year pillar you find your animal, which is the animal that was represented in the year of your birth.

On the organ chart, around 20% energy in an organ is balanced. Anything above or below 20% is either too much or too little. You can interpret the percent in connection with our emotions. For example, if you have 40% fire (heart), you are often emotional, impatient, hasty, at times arrogant, cruel and can feel hate. The same feelings may occur when there is maybe only 5% fire in the heart. However, wood (liver) is before fire and it gives energy to the heart. If the liver energy is balanced with around 20%, it feeds energy to the heart. It can help the energy of the heart or it can be too much energy for the heart. The same is true for all organs as you read your own chart and see how the preceding organ in the circle feeds the next organ.

Your BaZi Chart, Health, Emotions & Spirituality

In regards to health, when one organ is very out of balance in your birth chart in comparison to the other organs, it’s important to take good care of this organ, through building up the related positive emotions, proper diet, detox, etc. Because negative emotions are directly connected to our health and we know that we are emotional beings, connecting to our emotions in our organs and transforming the negativity into positivity is really the most healing practice we can do.

Watch the Six Healing Sounds video to become more familiar with the positive and negative emotions associated with each organ, and practice letting go of the negative and cultivating the positive.

The complete BaZi astrology chart gives you an energetic forecast of each year and a bigger forecast in a 10 year luck cycle, but this natal chart gives you a foundation of better knowing yourself and how you and your destiny is connected to the universe.

This knowing can help answer questions that you may have only previously thought intuitively and it can also just help ease the questions of “why” things have happened to us and why they are the way they are – in our family, relationships, health, career and everything really.

We are here in order to work on ourselves, transform and grow. Having this insight of our alchemy can be used as a tool to help us to do that. Not only with our health and taking care of our weaker organs, but also emotionally. Seeing the weaknesses in our energy chart can help us to identify the weaknesses we have emotionally, and we then can make a conscious effort to work on cultivating more of the positive emotions associated with those organs.

I hope this information about reading the BaZi Chart will help you along your spiritual path and help you to have a greater understanding of what makes you your own unique being as well as gives you some insight for improvement.

Remember there is only forward movement in the universe. We see this represented in our planet – Earth has never repeated the same orbit around the sun. Therefore, we too have to continue to move forward slightly altering and improving our direction based on our previous experience. We must let go of past traumas and past emotional injuries in order to heal and evolve.

Wishing you an auspicious year of growth and transformation! As always, I hope you will join me for an upcoming workshop or retreat. Check my schedule of upcoming events for more information and to register.

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