In the Tao, it is explained that this world is one of duality. We have positive and negative forces, yin and yang, day and night, good and evil, male and female. It’s first important to recognize that positive energy isn’t necessarily “good” and negative energy isn’t necessarily “bad.” We need both opposing forces, but our biggest challenge in this life is finding a balance between them.

Every one of us humans is a microcosm and we are living in a macrocosm. Looking at our world, the macrocosm, it’s easy to see and be overwhelmed by negativity, insecurity, fear, anger or anxiety. In today’s times, the media is more accessible than ever before, technology has made our life more fast-paced, politics seem to be increasingly polarizing and war and terrorism is on the rise.

It’s no wonder we can be overwhelmed by negative emotions. But, the important thing to focus on is not that we have this increase in negativity, but it is how we handle it.

We all have suppressed negative emotions, sometimes it is easier to distract ourselves or try to forget the traumas we have experienced. But, the more we suppress, the bigger the negativity becomes. With a little bit of self-awareness, we can observe that talking about our problems really just provides temporary relief. Crying doesn’t bring a lasting solution nor does shouting out of rage. When we look deep inside, the pain is still there.

So, how do we actually free ourselves from this negativity? We must transform the excess negativity into positive virtues for our well-being, spirituality and our health.

This is why the Six Healing Sounds meditation is such an important tool. Each organ system is associated with specific negative emotions and opposing positive virtues. With this meditation, we look deep inside, connect to our organs, accept the negative emotions and transform them into positivity.

Sometimes emotions are very deep inside and it takes a lot of effort to release and transform it. It can be a pattern of negativity that we have inherited from our family, and maybe we can see the same emotions in our family. When trying to address and resolve a traumatic experience, always remember that you would not be who you are without all that you have experienced. You must love yourself for who you are, where you’ve been and where you will go in this life.

We must work to forgive, forget and let go. The more we can let go, the more we can connect to Mother Earth and receive health, wealth and longevity.

You can practice this meditation whenever you feel you need to, but it is an especially helpful practice before bed for a good night’s sleep. It allows you to reflect on the experiences from the day, or any triggered memories from the past, and transform them into positivity allowing yourself to heal, relax and rest.

At my retreats at Tao Garden, we practice the Six Healing Sounds meditation in a group every evening and I also try to practice this meditation in most of my workshops abroad. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the video of Six Healing Sounds to practice at home and join me for an upcoming retreat!

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