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ONLINE Taoist Basic Practices, Healing Love & Associate Instructor training / November 3rd to 6th

3 November 2022 - 6 November 2022

Event Overview

  • Dates: November 3 to 6, 2022
  • Location: Zoom platform
  • Languages Spoken: English, Translate to Japanese
    (Organized together with Japanese group)
  • Hours of study: 6 hours per day
  • Hours accumulated for future certification: 24 hours
  • Registration: For registration or more details please contact Jutta Kellenberger by the email juttauht@gmail.com
  • Price: 290€
  • Subjects taught: Tao Energy Basic practices (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit, Chi self massage, Iron Shirt Qigong & Tao Yin), Healing Love.
  • Certification: This course permits to accumulate hours for future certification as UHT Associate Instructor or to be certified if the requirements already fulfilled.


Inner Smile – The Inner Smile is a powerful practice for new students and experienced practitioners alike. By using the simple smile that we had as a baby we connect with our vital organs and breathe in the positive virtues energy of the respective organ. The meditation technique of the Inner Smile teaches you how to get in touch with your inner organs, feel love and appreciation for them so that stress and negative emotions are transformed into creativity and healing.

Six Healing Sounds – The Six Healing Sounds is one of the core practices in the Universal Healing Tao system. We hold negative energy in every part of our body, especially in our major organs. By calming the mind and smiling and breathing into our major organs we become aware of the negative charge in an organ.

Microcosmic Orbit – Opening the Microcosmic Orbit is one of the cornerstones of the Universal Healing Tao system. When we feel energy circulating in the Microcosmic Orbit it balances our organ energy and the endocrine system of our body. The Microcosmic Orbit connects us with the energy of nature and the universe. It is a very healing and spiritual practice.

meditationTao Yin – Tao Yin is a series of revitalizing exercises that develop flexibility, strength, resiliency, and suppleness. These exercises create harmony within the body, mind and spirit through their integrative principles. Tao Yin means ‘directing energy’ and this helps us to release chronic tension, energy blockages, and toxicity that may have accumulated in the body over many years. These exercises activate Chi flow in the meridians, opening and strengthening them.

The Iron Shirt Chi Kung strength and vitality of your internal organs are the real keys to the overall health of your body. In Strengthen Your Internal Organs Master Chia guides you through certain standing postures, muscle locks, and breathing techniques, known as Iron Shirt Chi Kung. These practices direct internal power to the organs, the twelve tendon channels, and the connective tissues fasciae. By directing more energy into your internal organs you can perfect your body, increase performance, fight disease, and lay the groundwork for higher spiritual work.

Taoist Secrets of Love & Healing Love – The techniques of Ovarian and Testicle Breathing heal any imbalance in our sexual organs, like menstrual problems or any imbalance in the male sexual organs and it enhances our vital energy. This leads to deeper sexual fulfillment & physical improvement as vital energy can be exchanged with one’s partner with the indiscriminate loss of emotional & sexual energy.

Certification of Associate Instructors

The hours of this course can be accumulated and used for further certification as Associate Instructor in Universal Healing Tao system. In total, you will need 120 hours of training + extra time for personal practice before you can apply for becoming certified UHT Instructor. Certification takes place in a form of private session or 2-days group workshop (also possible online).

The certified Associate Instructors receive an official diploma and are included in the website of UHT instructors: https://www.universaltaoinstructors.com.

If you’ve already met the requirements and wish to be certified please contact me by the email juttauht@gmail.com.


Event Details

This is an online course with UHT Senior Instructor Jutta Kellenberger-Reichert. It takes places on Zoom platform with the camera on. You will be able to ask your questions while practicing.

After taking this course, you will receive a Confirmation of Attendance. Please note that Confirmation of Attendance doesn’t give you the permission to teach or act as a certified practitioner.

Teaching schedule(CET):

8:00 to 8:30 — Morning Exercise with simple Qigong
8:30 to 10:00 — Classes
Around 10am — 10 min. Break
10:10 to 12:00 — Classes
12:00 lunch/dinner break
13:00 to 15:00 — Classes

Taoist Basic Practices & Associate Instructor training [November 3 to 6]

For any question you can contact Jutta by the email juttauht@gmail.com.




3 November 2022
6 November 2022
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