The universe provides unlimited energy all around us – energy that we can tap into when practicing Taoist meditations or exercises, like Chi Kung or Tai Chi, and we feel energized and grounded with the chi flowing through our bodies during these practices. But, what if you could channel this energy directly to heal yourself and others too?

That is exactly what we practice with Cosmic Healing. With Cosmic Healing, we channel pure Cosmic Chi and use this energy either with the intention focused on self-healing or directing the energy to heal others.

The art of healing with cosmic energy is comprised of channeling colors from the universe through different parts of the body. Each color has a different effect like loosening up toxins, flushing out, cleaning, enhancing and energizing, so you can purposefully control the focus for healing.

For self-healing, you can learn to ground your sick energy to the earth and disperse it to the universe. When your intention is to heal others, you download the universal energy and then begin to channel the energy through your body, out of your palm, through the space between your hands and to the person you are healing.

We also practice using a “chi knife” to precisely pinpoint the energy for specific healing purposes.





With these practices, as we channel and direct the chi to another person to heal them, we remain connected to the energy letting it also flow through our own body. The result is a healing energy experience that gives you as well as the person you are healing a feeling of being recharged with pure Cosmic Chi.

Once you have good results with healing through cosmic energy, you can also use these techniques in Chi Nei Tsang massage or any other healing modality. It is such a powerful healing practice and I’ll be teaching Cosmic Healing at my upcoming week-long retreat at Tao Garden November 27 – December 3. I hope many of you can join me!

Because Cosmic Healing is a more advanced practice, generally I do recommend that you take at least one Universal Healing Tao course before attending Cosmic Healing. You can also join me for Female Healing, Chi Nei Tsang I or Chi Nei Tsang II at Tao Garden this fall. You can learn more about all my upcoming workshops here.

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