Six Healing Sound [English]



Negative emotions don’t only affect our mind, but leave their mark on the physical health. The buildup of anger, traumas and anxiety holds us back from releasing our potential of joy, calmness and stillness. 

Thanks to the technique of Six Healing Sounds, you will cleanse your organs from destructive emotions and bring positive feelings back. Detecting the centers of damaging sensations in your organs, you will learn to dive into them and replace negativity and destruction with productive and positive energies. 

This method will help you increase your virtues and boost the vitality and longevity of the body. 


  1. Lung Smile
  2. Kidney Smile
  3. Liver Smile
  4. Heart Smile
  5. Stomach and Pancreas Smile
  6. Excess energy release

Duration: 18 min.

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