ONLINE Reservation Introduction to Female Energy Healing – August 3rd


  • Dates: August 3rd, 2024
  • Duration: 10 to 17h (Madrid time)
  • Location: Online, zoom platform
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Dates: August 3rd
  • Duration: 10 to 17h (Madrid time)
  • Location: Online, zoom platform
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Tuition Fee: Price: 60 Euro
  • If you have any questions or problems with payment please contact

In the Female Healing Energy course, we practice the Universal Healing Tao meditations and exercises for women to cultivate more energy, a higher state of well-being, a deeper spiritual connection and stronger sexuality.

In today’s world, it’s far too common for people to be disconnected from their sexuality or have health problems or complications related to their reproductive organs. Sexual energy is the most powerful energy we have in our bodies ― it has the ability to create a new life. In the Female Healing course, I teach how to use this energy to promote healing and revitalisation within yourself.

Women of all ages and life stages will benefit from the Female Healing energy cultivation practices. In the course, we focus on Ovarian Breathing, Breast Massage, Orgasmic Upward Draw and exercises with the jade egg.

All of these practices work to circulate powerful energy in the body, activate your hormone producing glands, invigorate and rejuvenate all the vital functions, connect your mind and body and bring more energy into the brain.

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