The Jade Egg: All Your Questions Answered About The Ancient Female Healing Practice

When I teach the sacred female healing practices with the jade egg, I’ve experienced over the years that I receive such a range of first reactions from women from curiosity, excitement and intrigue to feelings of reluctance or embarrassment.

And this is very understandable. In today’s modern world, the concept of connecting with and strengthening our sexuality for the purpose of healing physically, emotionally and spiritually is often an abstract one, at least at first.

In the Tao, we believe our spirituality and sexuality are deeply interconnected. Afterall, it is the energy we are created from. The jade egg exercise involves inner energy work a bit similar to the Kegel-like physical practice. Regular use can have many wellness benefits including balancing hormones, regulating cycles, lessening menopausal symptoms, increasing energy, strengthening sexuality and it is actually necessary for a woman’s spiritual development.

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I often get many questions from women about the jade egg, so I decided to create this article with answers to the most common questions I receive and provide some insight as to why this practice can provide such powerful and transformative healing and how to get started practicing with an egg.

How long has the jade egg been used as a sacred healing practice for women?

Although the jade egg can be a somewhat unknown or new topic to us now, this sacred practice actually dates back to thousands of years ago to a time when China was governed by “The Son of God.”

The Son of God had more than 10,000 concubines, and these beautiful virgin women were reportedly trained with a stone egg in their vagina among other fine arts to please the emperor. They learned to move the stone egg in the vagina by compressing and squeezing the egg upwards.

The better they were trained in this exercise, the more they could help the emperor the night a concubine was chosen to make love. “Help” in this sense means that the emperor could experience a very high state of arousal close to orgasm, and through contraction of a section of the vagina, the concubine would help him to not ejaculate and draw all this orgasmic energy up into his higher center. When the sexual energy and love vibration is drawn up, universal energy comes down. Energy or chi has consciousness, and with this increased mental ability, The Son of God would reign his huge country with justice, peace and prosperity.

What are the physical health and wellness benefits and what can I expect to feel when I practice with the egg?

The reasoning behind why these women were trained in this practice was to serve the emperor, but apart from this, these women stayed strong and healthy. The energetic explanation for this is that the perineum, the point between the anus and the vagina, is the lower energy gate of the body. With this practice, those muscles become very strong and flexible, which allows the lower energy gate to close and prevent energy from leaking out.

When we understand how disease develops from the Taoist perspective, we also can understand how this exercise creates physical strength and health. Sickness can manifest in many places in the body, and bacteria particularly likes to develop in damp places with little circulation. Through regular practice with the jade egg, the vagina is strong and flexible, and therefore the uterus and the ovaries are also energized. With this entire area strong and full of energy, the lower abdomen and perineum will not be a suitable place for disease to develop. This refers to all disease, including common women’s health issues like menstrual irregularities or hormonal imbalances, and even severe illness, like cancer.

In addition to preventing illness and staying healthy, we often refer to this practice as the “energy” egg practice simply because after practicing we feel more energetic and alive as we direct chi and hormones upwards into our body and mind. It truly is very rejuvenating.


Why do women use an egg to practice and why is this practice necessary for spiritual development?

I mentioned earlier that the energy egg practice is indispensably necessary for a woman’s spiritual development. Sexual energy is the energy that we come from and this energy is the most powerful energy we have in the body when we learn how to develop it. Moving this energy through the body to our higher center, our brain, is necessary for us to develop spiritually.

Women have the same potential to develop spiritually as men, however as our sexual organs are inside, we need this help in the shape of an egg to exercise our vagina and strengthen different parts. We can then draw our sexual energy up into our higher center. This is the essence of higher level Taoist energy meditations, like Fusion or the Five Elements and Kan & Li.

What is a simple jade egg exercise I can begin practicing at home?

To begin practicing the jade egg, first attach a thread or piece of floss through the two holes in the egg or around the egg. Then, lay down on your back with your knees bent toward the ceiling and gently insert the egg. You may use a natural gel or saliva on the egg to ease the insertion. Once the egg is in, pull lightly on the attached thread and learn to “feel” the egg inside and contract and squeeze it upwards.

What type of egg do I begin with?

Jade or stone eggs usually come in three sizes – small, medium and large. Generally, I recommend women to begin with a medium or M-size egg. However, some women who have given birth prefer to start with a large or L-size egg. Other women feel uncomfortable by the L or M-size egg and prefer to try with a small size, a S-size egg. It’s really a personal preference and finding what is comfortable for you.

The vagina has a very special and extremely elastic texture, and with practice, a woman can try a different size of egg. If you begin with a M-size egg, later you can try a S- or L-size egg.

When is the best time to practice and how long do I practice?

The best time to practice is in the morning but any time of the day is good if one cannot do the practice in the morning. In order to have every section and every part of our vagina moving at will, we need to spend time with this practice. We should do this practice regularly, like 5 times a week for 2-5 minutes until we feel more in control of the movement of the egg in the vagina.

Can women of all ages practice with and benefit from the jade egg?

Every woman can benefit from a regular practice. There is literally no age limit and this practice will provide physical, emotional and spiritual benefits to women of all ages.

It is also a very good practice when a woman no longer has a uterus or ovaries. This is because once those organs are removed, there is a possibility of the bladder or other organs dropping or moving within the body and incontinence is also more likely. These complications can be prevented by spending time with exercising the vagina.

This practice is also especially necessary for a woman after giving birth in order to re-strengthen the vagina.

I hope that I addressed many of your questions and inspired you to begin practicing with a jade egg! Are you interested in learning more? Come and join me for an upcoming Female Healing or Healing Love course! I’ll be teaching Healing Love in Paris from October 14-16, 2017 and I’ll also have my Female Healing retreat at Tao Garden in November 2017. Register for an upcoming workshop today and I look forward to practicing together.

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