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Fusion & Tantien Chi Kung & Tao Yin – Barcelona, Spain

23 April 2020 @ 9:30 - 26 April 2020 @ 6:30

Event Overview

What You Will Learn

Fusion of the Five Elements and Cleansing the Organs I, II and III is the second formula of the Taoist Yoga Meditation of Internal Alchemy. The concept of Inner Alchemy is grounded in the Taoist belief that the inner universe is identical to the outer universe. They share the same “cosmology”. The knowledge of the Internal Alchemy is a necessary step in becoming connected to the outer universe, from which an unlimited supply of powerful energy can be derived for an individual’s benefit. The Taoist masters reasoned that to become connected to the outer universe one needs first to gain control of his or her own inner universe. The Fusion of the Five Elements practice is a big step in this direction. Pure life-force energy derived from the organs and fused together during the Fusion practice is crystallized into the energy ball, or pearl. The pearl is then used to connect to the Universal, Cosmic Particle and Earth Forces whose energies become part of the pearl. The pearl plays a central role in the development and nourishment of the soul or energy body.

Tao Yin
Tao Yin is a series of revitalizing exercises that develop flexibility, strength, resiliency, and suppleness. These exercises create harmony within the body, mind and spirit through their integrative principles. Tao Yin means ‘directing energy’ and this helps us to release chronic tension, energy blockages, and toxicity that may have accumulated in the body over many years. These exercises activate Chi flow in the meridians, opening and strengthening them. In this way, the Chi from the TanTien links the Yin and Yang meridians before returning to its starting point. The yin meridians are deeper, more internal; whereas the Yang meridians are near the outer surfaces and in areas of the extremities.
Tantien Chi Kung develops the power of the Tantien and the Perineum. Through the practice of the Tantien Chi Kung we enhance Chi pressure in our lower TanTien. This increases our vitality, strengthens our organs and promotes self-healing. The circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the nervous system and the endocrine system will be activated and Chi and blood will flow more easily through the body.
Prerequisites: In order to get the most value from the teachings in the Fusion workshop, I recommend first joining for Universal Healing Tao workshop that teaches the foundational practices and/or the Female Healing/Men’s Health/Healing Love workshop. Having this foundation will allow you to be able to better understand the Fusion practices and be able to incorporate the teachings into your daily life.

Benefits students often experience during the workshop:

  • Students may become aware of deeper layers of consciousness and then be able to transform and release what no longer serves them in order to redeem a higher nature.
  • Due to this release, energy may be felt more strongly in the body and be able to flow more freely in the meridians.
  • Fusion practices will improve health, provide a deeper sense of self and increase compassion for oneself and others.

Over time, the benefits of these practices are only enhanced.

Event Details

***Additional Details To Be Announced***

Accommodation & Travel Information

***Additional Details To Be Announced***

How To Register: To reserve your seat for this workshop, please contact the event organizer via their website or by phone or email (contact details below).


Questions? If you have questions about this workshop’s location, pricing or registration, the best contact is the event organizer (contact information below). They will be able to answer all your questions on those details. If you have questions about what I teach, I’d be happy to connect with you. Please email me at hello@juttakellenberger.com.

Interested in Private Teaching?

Private Teaching or Treatments – I will be in this city for a short time, and if you would like private teaching outside of this workshop or a Chi Nei Tsang Massage treatment from me while I am there, please connect with me in advance. Although I get many requests during my time abroad, I will do my best to meet with you. You can email me at juttakellenberger8@gmail.com.


23 April 2020 @ 9:30
26 April 2020 @ 6:30
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