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Fusion of the Five Elements I – Online training / October 20-22

20 October 2023 - 22 October 2023

Event Overview

Teaching schedule(Madrid time):

Morning class: 9 am to 12 pm
Lunch break: 12 pm to 1pm
Afternoon class: 1pm to 3pm

What You Will Learn 

The Foundation for Transformation 1. External and Internal Alchemy For more than five thousand years, Taoist masters researched and developed various methods to attain such desirable achievements as long life and happiness. Some of the methods were called External Alchemy, and these included the Immortal Pill, magic potions, crystals, crystal essences, flower essences, precious stones, etc. The highest Taoist masters realized external methods offered only limited help while building dependencies on materials that were difficult to come by. In their continued search for an unlimited source of energy, they turned their attention inwardly to uncover the mysteries surrounding their life-forces. In their search they discovered a universe within and found it to be identical to the outer universe. They knew that the outer universe harbored as tremendous force, and that the inner universe of a human being could benefit from that force, if the two could somehow be connected. The Taoist masters reasoned that to become connected to the outer universe, one first needs to gain control of his or her own inner universe. They experienced this inner universe as a flow of energy, or Chi, through their bodies. The Microcosmic Orbit, running up the spine and down the front of the body, was uncovered as the pathway through which the distilled essence of this energy flows. They perceived that the Microcosmic Orbit connects three bodies – physical, soul, and spirit – within each individual and ultimately fuses them into one immortal body. It was with this perception that the study of Internal Alchemy begun.

The Five Elements Forces of the Universe, Earth and Human The Taoists further classified all things in the universe making up the Universal Force, the Cosmic Particle Force, and the Earth Force as correspondences of the “five elements”, “five phases”, or “five interacting” forces of nature. That is, each force originates from and is controlled by the Five Elements of Nature. These are earth, The Origins of the Five Elements of Nature Taoists believe that the Five Elements of Nature originated as five huge stars, given birth by the Three Pure Ones out of the Wu Chi. These five stars (or five elements), in turn, gave birth to the entire universe, including trillions of stars. They created the North Star which created smaller stars, including the five major constellations. From the constellations, the planets arose, including the Earth. The five constellations have a direct relationship with five planets, five seasons of the Earth, five directions of the Earth, and five major organs of the human body.

Fusion of the Five Elements I, marking the beginning of the Taoist practice of Internal Alchemy, focuses on the interaction and fusion of all five elements and their correspondences, and their transformation into a harmonious whole of high quality energy. During this process the essence of life force energy found in the organs, glands, and senses is transformed, purified, condensed, and combined with the Universal Force. The new form of energy that emerges through this process can effect positive changes in the human body.

The pure life-force energy derived from this energy meditation practice is crystallized into a pearl.

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    I generally recommend all students first join for a Chi Nei Tsang I workshop or retreat first before joining me for Chi Nei Tsang II in order to have a foundation and understanding of these massage techniques. If you are interested in learning more about what you will learn at this workshop, here are some resources:

    More information on Chi Nei Tsang:

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    How To Register: To reserve your place for this workshop, please contact the event organizer via their website or by phone or email (contact details above).


    Questions? If you have questions about how this workshop is organised, please contact the event organizer (contact information above). If you have questions about what I teach, I’d be happy to hear from you. Please email me at juttauht@gmail.com  

    Interested in Private Teaching?

    Private Teaching or Treatments – I will be in this city for a short time, and if you would like private teaching outside of this workshop or a Chi Nei Tsang Massage treatment from me while I am there, please connect with me in advance. Although I get many requests during my time abroad, I will do my best to meet with you. You can email me at juttauht@gmail.com.


    20 October 2023
    22 October 2023
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