Sexual energy is some of the most powerful energy we have – it has the ability to create life. Of course we want to have pleasurable intimate relationships with our partners and we also maybe feel connected to our sexuality when we want to have children, but what about beyond those obvious times?

Here are three reasons to create a deeper connection to your sexuality through the Taoist Healing Love meditations and exercises:

1. Spiritual Growth – Our sexuality and spirituality are deeply interconnected. In the Tao, we cultivate more life force energy through the Female or Male sexual energy practices. When we practice for a long time, we are able to raise our energy to a very high level. We are then able to tap into a much greater state of awareness and understanding, which may be compared to to the Buddhist sense of compassion for all sentient beings or the Christian universal love. When women or men practice the Healing Love practices, it is common to feel an enhanced connection to the universe, spirituality or light.

2. Health Benefits – Tapping into our sexual energy and moving this energy intentionally throughout the body activates and balances our hormones and circulates our Chi. The result is increased fertility, decreased risk of cancer or disease of reproductive organs, and for women, decreased menstrual or menopausal symptoms or irregularities. If practiced regularly before pregnancy, it can also allow for less symptoms during pregnancy and easier delivery.

3. Vitality – With this powerful energy circulating through the body, you naturally feel increased energy and vitality and a higher state of well-being. For women, the Female Healing practices have also been regarded as a natural cosmetic known to sustain a more youthful appearance.

In Western society and the way we often view sexuality, the physical body and medicine, it can be difficult to grasp the Taoist and Chinese Medicine approach and practices. If you haven’t attended a Healing Love or Female Healing course with me or another Universal Healing Tao instructor, I hope you’ll give it a try. It really is beneficial for everyone as a necessary self-healing practice and spiritual growth.

Join me for my upcoming Female Healing and Healing Love workshops abroad and you can register for my week-long Female Healing retreat at the Tao Garden here. 

 And also below is a video of how to do the Inner Smile meditation – enjoy!

Before we practice the Healing Love practices, it’s always important to start with the simple Inner Smile meditation to cultivate all the positive virtues within each of the organs in our body and feel love, joy, happiness radiating from within our beings.

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