4-days Online Workshop – June 26-29 – Jutta Kellenberger


  • Dates : June 26-29, 2020
  • Location: Zoom platform
  • Languages Spoken: English, with Romanian translation
  • Tuition Fee: 250 Euro
  • Registration: Reserve your spot for this retreat online today. Register below.


My next live online teaching is from 26 to 29 June and it will be with translation into Romanian language.

26 to 27 June Tao Basic practices. In these 2 days, you learn the core practices in the UHT system, the Inner Smile meditation, the Six Healing

Sounds and the opening of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation.click

28 June Healing Love – loving energy that heals. This is an introduction day into the spiritual practice of learning to transform sexual

energy into life force for self-healing. When this practice is mastered one feels more chi circulating in the

Microcosmic Orbit and that extra energy serves as fuel for spiritual development.

29 June Chi Nei Tsang – self massage.

Chi Nei Tsang self-massage is a powerful technique to release stress or impatience from your mind and body.

Our intestine is regarded in the Tao like a second brain and this abdominal brain influences our upper brain and the upper brain influences our abdominal brain. It is important to release tension from the second brain but more so in this time of the worldwide pandemic, with anxiety and insecurity all around. These negative emotions do not just happen because of our own (maybe unfortunate) situation but since these negative feelings are within and around of us it has a double effect on our mind and body.

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